Fall Fitness Challenge: Staying Active During the Colder Months

November 16, 2023

When autumn leaves start to fall and the chilly weather rolls in, keeping up with your exercise routine can be tough. Days get shorter, and it’s often cooler outside, which makes us all want to stay cozy indoors. Fortunately, Candela residents have everything they need to stay on top of their fitness goals, even when it’s cold outside. Candela is more than just beautiful homes and exclusive resident amenities; it’s also a place where residents can keep moving and stay healthy all year round. Let’s gear up for a fall fitness challenge that will help us stay active, no matter the weather!

Keeping fit in the fall will help you stay warm, and it’s good for your health, too! But figuring out how to stay active in cold weather can sometimes feel like a chore. That’s why a fall fitness challenge is a fun and effective way to keep you moving, to get your heart pumping, and to get your muscles working, even when you’re wearing a few extra layers to keep out the cold. Plus, staying active helps to shake off those winter blues that can sneak up on us when it’s chilly outside.

Don’t let the cold weather slow you down! You can find lots of ways to stay active in cold weather, and you might even find yourself trying something different and fun that becomes a new favorite. Whatever your fitness goals, Candela’s got your back with plenty of ideas and spaces to help keep you going strong all season long!

For starters, you don’t even have to go outside to stay active at Candela. Our state-of-the-art fitness center is open to residents all year round and has everything you need to stay active and fit, including exercise machines, free weights, and much more. Plus, you can even soak up the sun through the skylights and feel warm and connected with the outdoors, even when it’s too cold to go out.

Of course, while cold weather is here to stay, this is Texas, and we have plenty of nice days, even in the fall and winter. When the weather permits, our yoga lawn is perfect for your fall fitness routines, and you can enjoy all of the many health benefits of yoga, whether you’re doing your routine in the morning, the evening, or the middle of the afternoon.

As important as it is for you to stay active and healthy during the fall and winter months, it’s equally important for your kids. You don’t want them cooped up in the house all day with all that excess energy that’ll have them bouncing off the walls. Fortunately, our playground at Candela is a perfect place for them to play and run off some of that energy while also having a ball. Just make sure they bundle up if it’s cold outside.

Besides the many ways to stay active and healthy that are available to Candela residents within the community, numerous parks and trails around the Richmond, Texas area are beautiful this time of year—and any time of year. Whether you love more intense hiking, riding your bike, or just taking an afternoon walk, you’ll find the trail that’s perfect for you.

Now for that fall fitness challenge we mentioned. Don’t worry! There’s not much to it. You can do as much or as little as you like! The real goal here is to create a challenge that will work for you. One of the best ways to do that is to find a fitness buddy—or more than one!

Pick a neighbor or friend in the community, and the two of you can do a fall fitness challenge together, helping to hold each other accountable. You can set a step goal for walking or hiking or challenge your partner to meet up with you on the yoga lawn or in the fitness center so many days per week. This not only helps to keep you committed, but it also makes the whole process more fun!

Ultimately, whatever fitness challenge you set should be the one that’s most likely to work for you. A daily walking program is a way to get low-stress and low-intensity exercise, and it’s a perfect way to stay active and “walk off the holidays” in case you want to make up for any extra indulgence that you may do when all that delicious holiday food is around.

Whatever you do, you’ll find the perfect place to do it at Candela, a 578-acre master-planned community in Richmond, Texas where you’ll have everything you need to live your best and brightest life. If you’re looking for your dream home and you’d love to live where you can stay active all year round, why not get in a few extra steps this weekend with a tour of our brand-new model homes? There’s never been a better time to come and check out our glowing new community than during our Life on the Bright Side Home Tour, which is going on now!

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