The Ultimate Family Holiday Gift Guide: From Fun Gadgets to a New Home at Candela!

December 8, 2023

Thinking about how to gift a house or how to gift a home this holiday season? Imagine the joy and surprise on your loved ones’ faces when they receive the ultimate gift—a new home! In this handy holiday gift guide, we’ll take you through a thoughtful selection of gifts that your whole family will love, ending with the grandest of holiday gestures—a new home at Candela! All of these gifts will help create lifelong memories this holiday season and for years to come, whether you’re spending cozy family nights in matching PJs or making ice cream together. A home in Candela is the perfect place to make all those memories, and it’s where you and your family can start living your brightest life today!

1. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

What’s more fun than eating ice cream? How about making homemade ice cream with the whole family? You can even experiment with new flavors like mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, butter pecan, or peppermint. Who knows? Maybe you and your family will create a new favorite flavor concoction of your very own! Sure, it may get a little messy, but that’s part of the fun!

2. Karaoke Machine

Fill the house with music this holiday season! Naturally, a karaoke machine is perfect for the family that already loves music and singing together, but it may also be perfect for the family that isn’t quite as musically inclined. It can be a fun bonding experience to stumble through karaoke renditions of some of your favorite songs together, and you may find that you’re more musical than you thought! Either way, you’ll be making some unforgettable memories!

3. Matching Family Pajamas

Why not start a new holiday tradition? Matching family pajamas are a cozy and quirky way to show your family’s togetherness, and there can be something really special about gathering to open your stockings while wearing matching PJs. Heck, you can even deck yourselves out in your matching duds for that inevitable family photo!

4. Home Cheese-Making Kits

Do you know how cheese is made? You may be surprised! You may also be surprised to know that making cheese at home can be fun and easy. The gift of a home cheese-making kit can teach your whole family about the fascinating process of cheese-making, and you can make all kinds of different cheeses right in your own home. The best part? Eating all the delicious end products!

5. Home 4K Movie Projector and Inflatable Screen

These days, going to the movies can sometimes feel like an expensive hassle that isn’t really worth it. Fortunately, you can bring the movies home with a convenient 4K projector and inflatable screen that lets you set up your own home theater wherever you want! This is perfect for having family movie nights at home or setting up an outdoor theater and inviting the neighbors over to watch movies in the back yard!

6. Astronomical Refracting Telescope

This is an ideal entry point into the world of science and astronomy, whether it’s something that you’ve always wanted to take up or something that you think your kids would enjoy. You can explore all the wonder and beauty of the cosmos as a family by checking out the stars and constellations from your own back yard or even by pointing the telescope out the window. You’ll be surprised at the doors it may open for your kids.

7. A New Home at Candela!

While all these gifts bring joy and togetherness to your loved ones this holiday season, imagine the ultimate present for your family – a new home at Candela. Here, the “Life on the Bright Side” campaign is not just a promise but a living reality. Candela is more than a place to live. It’s where lifelong memories are forged, unbreakable friendships are born, and every day is a new experience to savor.

Thinking about how to gift a house to the family this holiday season? Candela simplifies this grand gesture so you can enjoy your family’s wonder and excitement. Whether you’re looking for your first home, a bigger space for a growing family, or a forever home for years to come, the builders at Candela offer diverse designs and customizable options that make it possible to find the perfect home for the holidays.

This holiday season, picture handing your family the keys to a brand-new home at Candela, where back yards become havens for laughter, and neighbors become friends. You’re not simply gifting a home; you’re offering a lifestyle, a community, and a future rich with possibilities for you and the whole family to explore and enjoy.

Candela is a 578-acre master-planned community that blends small-town charm with big-city conveniences in Richmond, Texas. This holiday season, explore our model homes and engage with our builders to see how your dream home can become a reality. Connect with Candela today and start your journey toward living your brightest life!

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