Benefits of Living in an HOA Community

April 14, 2023

If you’ve already started on your journey toward buying a new home for you and your family, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about HOAs. Maybe you’ve even looked at some houses that are located in HOA communities. However, it’s also a safe bet that you still have questions about the benefits of HOAs and living in an HOA community. Not to worry! We’ve got the answers that you’re looking for so that you can focus on finding the home of your dreams!

What is an HOA? Let’s start with the acronym: HOA is short for the homeowners association. An HOA helps to take care of all the parts of a community beyond your home. This may mean things like streets, playgrounds, parks, shared amenities, and sometimes even lawn care. The HOA is also responsible for safeguarding the property values of the entire community, which it does partly by establishing and enforcing guidelines for those who live within the community. These guidelines can include architectural controls and rules for keeping up curb appeal and otherwise taking care of the property.

How does an HOA work? The homeowners in an HOA community pay dues to the HOA. These shared funds are then used to finance improvements and maintenance throughout the community to improve and maintain property values and quality of life for all residents. When you look at living in an HOA community, you will be told in advance what the dues are, how often they’re paid (monthly, quarterly, or yearly are the most common), what sorts of things the HOA takes care of, and what the process is for making your voice heard on important decisions that affect the entire community.

What are the benefits of HOAs? As you might imagine, many benefits come with living in an HOA community. Communities with HOAs tend to have more and better amenities since they can rely on the HOA to build, preserve, and maintain them. In addition to well-maintained communities and common areas, HOA communities are also more likely to have activities and lifestyle opportunities available to residents, which leads to a more engaged community where people are more likely to know their neighbors. One of the biggest benefits that come with living in an HOA community is knowing that your home’s property values are being protected for the long haul.

Here’s a final tip—and a special offer! As we said, if you’re looking at buying a home in an HOA community, you should first learn what aspects the HOA is responsible for and how much your dues will be. You might also want to know how often the HOA has meetings where homeowners can offer suggestions or express their concerns. At Candela, the current HOA fee is just $750 per year, but homeowners who purchase a new home in our master-planned community between April 1 and June 30, 2023, are automatically entered into a drawing to have their HOA dues paid for a full year. It’s just one of the many ways that Candela is inviting home shoppers in the greater Houston area to experience the bright life at our 578-acre community in Richmond, TX.

If you’re not already familiar with Candela, we’d be happy to welcome you to our master-planned community and show you around. We designed Candela to be a hot spot where small-town charm meets easy access to big-city conveniences so that all of our residents can live their best and brightest lives. To that end, our HOA helps to maintain world-class amenities in a beautiful neighborhood that has to be seen to be believed. Want to learn more or stay in the know when it comes to new homes and exciting upcoming events? Just fill out the contact form below to connect with Candela today!

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