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bernard clifton terrell jr. elementary school
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Breaking Ground on the Bernard Clifton Terrell Jr. Elementary School!

February 16th, 2022

Few things are more exciting to a community than the building of a brand-new elementary school. The mere mention of it is a feast for the senses. You can almost hear the rustling of the construction paper, smell the crayons, and see all the colorful lunchboxes lined up in a row. As you may have heard, Lamar CISD is breaking ground later this month on the new Bernard Clifton Terrell Jr. Elementary School. We couldn’t be more excited for the ’23-’24 school year when the doors will finally open and bright young minds will rush to find their seats in new classrooms. While we’re waiting for the groundbreaking, let’s learn a little about Lamar CISD and take a look at the life of the school’s namesake, Bernard Clifton Terrell Jr. Elementary School.

Bernard Clifton Terrell Jr. Elementary School

The new Terrell Elementary School is named for a man known to many in the area. Cliff Terrell, as he was known to family, friends, and members of the business community, was born on August 25, 1931, in Waco, Texas. He graduated from La Vega High School in Waco, served four years in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War, and later graduated from Baylor University in 1955. Cliff Terrell passed away in March of 2013, but he leaves behind a legacy of integrity, vision, compassion, and courage. He was an honorable man who made a difference in the lives of his family, his friends, and the community around him. Although his professional career was long and storied, Cliff Terrell is probably most known for serving as executive vice president of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Cliff Terrell was a lifelong Spurs basketball fan, and he was instrumental in moving the Spurs team from Dallas to San Antonio. Additionally, he was a great believer in education and is known for writing the law that became the Texas Tuition Equalization Grant Program, which provides grant aid to students attending nonprofit private colleges and universities in Texas.

In April of 2019, the Lamar Consolidated ISD board of trustees announced that Elementary School No. 30 will be officially named Bernard Clifton Terrell Jr. Elementary School. As mentioned earlier, the new onsite elementary school at Candela will open for the ’23-’24 school year. It’s certain that a man such as Cliff Terrell, who placed such a high value on education and hard work, would be pleased to know that the school that will bear his name is part of the Lamar CISD, a school district that prides itself on providing students access to a superior education through inspired leadership among teachers, administrators, and staff. Part of the Lamar CISD mission is to allow students to achieve their full potential and to participate in future social, economic, and educational opportunities in their community. The Lamar Consolidated ISD rating under the FIRST financial accountability rating system is listed as “superior,” and it’s among the highest in the state.

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