Partnering with Candela: Builder Success Stories!

August 15, 2022

Here at Candela, we know that a community is so much more than streets and cul-de-sacs, green spaces and play areas, swimming pools and water features, schools and amenity centers. Community is about people and the homes in which they build lives, create memories, and spend every day. That’s why, when designing a master-planned community such as ours, we knew the importance of choosing quality home builders who were excited about partnering with Candela to help us create a one-of-a-kind community that people would be happy to call home.

We believe that we’ve accomplished this feat. Candela has partnered with some of the most exceptional home builders in the business to create beautiful homes offering a variety of floor plans at prices that families can afford, in a community where our residents can live their best lives. Along the way, we’ve heard numerous builder success stories from some of our builder partners as they saw the houses they built for Candela becoming homes. We’d like to share a few of them with you today.

Cady Mulkey, Marketing Coordinator for Coventry Homes

“Partnering with Candela has been such a rewarding experience. As someone who has been a part of the project since the very beginning, even before the first model homes were built, it has been incredible to see how much growth has taken place in what seems like such a little time. The most amazing part of it all is getting to help new home buyers become new homeowners and playing such an important role in creating the wonderful community that Candela has become!”

Claudia Suazo, Sales Professional for Perry Homes

“Besides the excellent location in the Houston area, one of the things that my buyers love the most about Candela is that we are building an elementary school on site. Many new home buyers are young couples who are excited to start a family, and having an elementary school that’s part of the neighborhood—and within walking distance of their new home—gives them peace of mind.”

Wesley Flanagan, Sales Manager for Westin Homes

“Gaining traction in a completely new community can be challenging, but in Candela the exact opposite has proven to be true. The question I get from prospective buyers is not, ‘Why should I live in Candela,’ but rather, ‘Where in Candela do I want to live?’ Thanks to tremendous developer support and the lifestyle and location Candela provides its residents, Westin’s 2021 sales in Candela shattered sales projections, leading Candela to be recognized with the 2021 Westin Homes New Community of the Year Award!”

We’re so proud that all of these fine builders have shown so much interest in partnering with Candela to help build an exceptional master-planned community that our residents love to call home, filled with beautiful houses, world-class amenities, and all the green space, hospitality, and bright sunshine that you could ask for. We’re gratified that we’ve been able to help each other succeed and build a strong and welcoming community. We invite you to explore the new homes they’ve built here at Candela. Get in touch with us if you’d like to see one or more of them in person. A bright future awaits you at our 460-acre master-planned community in Richmond, Texas. Designed as a place for you to live your best life, it’s a hot spot where small-town charm meets easy access to big-city conveniences. Want to stay in the know about everything that’s happening in our vibrant community? Connect with Candela today and be among the first to hear about new homes, exciting developments, and upcoming events!

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Be among the first to hear about new homes, news and upcoming events.

Stay in the know

Be among the first to hear about new homes, news and upcoming events.