What is an Inventory Home?

February 14, 2023

The decision to move to a new area and find a home where you can settle down and live a happy life for many years is an exciting time for anyone. It can also feel like a daunting task, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. Fortunately, buying a house doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming! Believe it or not, you can actually find a home and move in within weeks instead of months or more, thanks to the advantages of buying an inventory home!

What is an inventory home and how can an inventory home benefit a new home shopper? That’s what we’re here to talk about, and we’ll answer all your questions about the advantages of these move-in-ready homes!

What is an inventory home?

If you’ve already been doing some home shopping, you may have heard inventory homes referred to as move-in-ready homes, quick-move-in homes, or even turnkey homes. This means the home is newly built and has never been occupied before. However, inventory homes differ from homes that are still under construction—or homes that haven’t yet begun construction—in that they are already finished and ready for you to move in. This means that you have fewer decisions to make when it comes to moving into your new home, which can be both good and bad, but it also means that the home is ready and waiting for you to settle in and start making memories!

What are the advantages of buying an inventory home?

The biggest advantage is also the simplest: The home is ready and waiting for you! Moving can be stressful, and we often don’t have the luxury of taking all the time we might want to move from one home to another. With a move-in-ready home, you can move in as soon as you’ve signed all the paperwork, without the expense or hassle of waiting.

That’s not all! The hard work has already been done for you! Sure, it may be fun to make a lot of the little decisions that go into building a new home, from choosing paint colors to picking out crown molding, but all those decisions can also be a lot to keep track of and wrap your head around. With an inventory home, those decisions have already been made, and you can see the home exactly as it’s going to be when you move in!

This brings us to another of the advantages of buying an inventory home: You know what you’re getting. There’s no guesswork involved. You can walk through the finished home and imagine where all your furniture, décor items, and so on will go. It’s a lot easier than trying to envision your home from a blueprint or builder’s plans. Because you can walk through the home just as it will be when you take possession, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting ahead of time. Plus, the appliances and fixtures will all still be brand new, and they often come with a warranty.

You’re also moving into an established neighborhood. Inventory homes were built without having already been purchased, so they are often the last homes to fill out a section of a neighborhood. This means that you’re already joining a well-established residential area. You’ll have neighbors who can quickly become friends, and the area is less likely to change as a result of new construction. Plus, if you’re moving into a master-planned community such as Candela, there’ll be plenty of incredible amenities just waiting for you.

In fact, Candela has partnered with some of the best builders in the business to create unforgettable inventory homes that offer a wide variety of floor plans, design choices, and price points, so you can be sure there’s a home that’s perfect for your lifestyle and budget. You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our convenient home search page to see what move-in-ready homes are already waiting for you at Candela from builders like Coventry Homes, Perry Homes, and Westin Homes.

Of course, our 460-acre master-planned community in Richmond, Texas offers more than amazing houses. It’s a place where you can live your best and brightest life, surrounded by friendly neighbors, natural beauty, small-town charm, and easy access to big-city conveniences. Want to schedule a tour or simply stay in the know? Connect with us today and be among the first to hear about new homes and other exciting events!

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Stay in the know

Be among the first to hear about new homes, news and upcoming events.